The Breakfast Trays At Social Are The Bomb

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Your beloved watering hole, Social, also does breakfasts of epic proportions, and at prices that are such a steal.

Feast Like A King

Breakfast has always been our favourite meal, especially when it comes with all those little frills we love. At Social, their Breakfast Trays call for some serious appetites, and we sampled the Kiran’s Big Apple Breakfast, and Sid’s Very Posh Breakfast.

Both came with eggs of our choosing and sumptuous sides, ranging from blueberry pancakes to plump sausages. We particularly loved the mushroom omelette, the home style fries {that we dunked in maple syrup} and awesomely buttery Shrewsbury biscuits. The cutting chai and strong black coffee helped us move after all this decadence.

There’s More…

We noticed a more waist-friendly tray serving muesli and fruits, a desi Punjabi style full- on carb attack if eggs aren’t your thing {who are you?} and a Hangover Special- complete with Virgin Mary and bananas {with a discount for those who came last night!}.

We left having jointly decided to come back for the Irani style omelette on a sweet bun, and the Bahan Florentine- poached eggs on buttered ladi paos and crispy morning glory.

What Didn’t Impress Us Much

We’re all for a greasy start to the day, but the hash browns were a tad bit too oily for us- wouldn’t have minded a lesser indulgence.

Photos courtesy: Bikram Bindra