Brewing Change: 7 Trendy Experiences For Doing Something New In Your Life

Lipton posted on 17 September


Change is the only constant and this is exactly why we have curated an interesting list of things-to-try and things-to-do in your city. This includes everything from food to fashion and here’s what it looks like.

Sushi to Poke Bowls

Starting this long listicle with food because food is bae! Sushi might be your first love, but it’s about time to give Japanese poke bowls the attention they deserve. These delicious meals in a bowl consist of multiple unique flavours and will leave you craving for more. Want it already?

Corporate Cubicles to Coworking Spaces

Gone are the days of those boring pastel coloured cubicles where you spend 8 hours of your day working and staring at the glass walls. The quirky, colourful co-working spaces are game changers in terms of services and facilities. The best part? Most of them are operational 24/7.  You won’t just network and meet new people but experience a happy vibe. 

Blonde Highlights To Rainbow Hair

Blonde streaks and hues were all fun and games but back in 2010. If you are a fashion enthusiast and still stuck to this trend, you need to reconsider. Rainbow hair is taking over the internet for all the right reasons and basically looks swell on everyone. Pick the right combination and shades and you’ll be ready to slay! 

Group Vacations To Solo Travels

In 2018, everyone is either too preoccupied with too many things or has already planned a vacay for themselves depending on their leaves. Consider this a blessing in disguise and take the overdue solo trip for travel's sake. Explore those hilly regions or chill by the beach while you meet some like-minded fellow travellers. 

A Walk In The Park to Aerial Yoga & Parkour

Going for a walk is a great way to ease but with monsoon pours and insane traffic, it’s only wise to workout indoors. Also, with workout routines such as parkour, aerial yoga, water Zumba, why stick to the old school jogging? They have a much higher impact and not only does it help you get in shape but makes your core stronger, too. 

Fizzy Drinks To Healthy Ice Tea

Everyone looks for some sort of refreshment from time to time but opting for an aerated drink would not be the wisest choice. Leave the toxicity behind and check out this solution instead. Lipton Ice Tea is made with real tea leaves and contains low sugar levels–this bottle of freshness will leave you feeling rejuvenated and happy. Plus this will definitely help you avoid the sugary, carbonated alternatives that leave you bloated and uncomfortable.

Shopping Malls To Hidden Boutiques

All the EOSS sales, frankly, are exhausting and the collections are usually super outdated. Bid goodbye to those mall trips but opt for something fresh, unique and lesser known clothing boutiques that are also pocket-friendly. Most of the dresses and outfits you'll find at these boutiques are sourced from other cities/countries which gives you multiple options to choose from. There are both budget & designer boutiques, so take your pick and shop your heart out. 

So, We’re Saying…

Let this list be your starting point for bringing out a positive and different change in you. Plus following the trends are sort of fun!