Done Partying At Sector 29? Head To This New Microbrewery In South City II

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What Makes It Awesome

Brewocrat is among the few microbreweries in South City II. The location is suitable if you're tired of going to the same old places in Sector 29, or just don't want to travel that far for some good beer and music.

They have a very large seating area and you can definitely bring a big group along to chill (and get tipsy) with. The bar also has an outdoor seating option (which is also the rooftop) and it's pretty cute and cosy. If you hit them up on Facebook, you also get a free beer (after answering a few questions, ofcourse). Their menu includes great beers, a variety of pizza options, and chicken wings that you should definitely try.

The Element 1 area (where the bar is located at) also has a really good parking space for both four-wheeler and two-wheelers and has an easy access to 24x7, GoodEarth City Centre and even Baani Square.

What Could Be Better

Honestly, there is nothing that I feel could be better about this place. They have really sweet staff, a gigantic bar, an aesthetically pleasing ambience and good beer.

How Much Did It Cost

₹1000 - ₹3000

Best To Go With

Big Group, Bae

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