There's A Cool, LEGO-Inspired Cafe In Gurgaon! Leggo?

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What Makes It Awesome

The Bricks Cafe is a lego-themed cafe with a cute play area for your tiny ones. It's fairly easy to spot the cafe as they have a really cool lego bike showcased in the front accompanied by a candy floss machine at the entrance. The cafe is beautifully decorated with lego decor and I personally love how creative they are with the interior (Instead of basic lighting, imagine a big lit-up floating lego!).

The cafe is perfect for moms to just eat and chill at, while their kids have a gala time in the play area. 3 - 12 year olds can enter the lego paradise and play with loose bricks, while kids above the age of 6 can play with lego sets too. What's more awesome is their 'Open Wall' where both, kids and adults, can use the loose bricks to show their creativity on the wall.

Apart from the kiddo fun-stuff, Bricks Cafe also has an appetising array of dishes on their menu. They've got all-day breakfast menu with pancakes, omelettes, eggs benedict and more starting at INR 250. You can also choose from pizza options (INR 249 above), salads (INR 249 above), sandwiches (INR 299 above) and also desserts, and wash it all down with a cool beverage (these start at INR 200).

The cafe also has a small section of books on Legos that are really fun and informative.

What Could Be Better

I felt that the dishes on their menu were priced a little on the higher side.

Disclaimer: While places are now open and regularly sanitising as per health and safety guidelines, please wear a mask and continue to practice social distancing.