The Ultimate Bridesmaid's Guide To Buying Unique Wedding Gifts

Urvee posted on 07 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

“Omg, I love all this crockery”— said no bride ever.

As the BFF, you have a responsibility to get your friend the most amazing gift ever—something she may actually use—and as usual, we’re here to help.

Weber Barbecue & Grill

No, really. My BFF gave me this when I got married, and it is stunning. Plus it’s super useful for my husband and I in the winter: #ChristmasPartyGoals. Check out their collection here.

Home Theatre

While I got an Apple TV {I know, my friends are awesome} why not pool in and get something the bride and groom are going to use literally forever? Here’s a less expensive option, and here’s something if you and the rest of the gang want to go all out.


What better way for your friend to de-stress after a hectic wedding than at an awesome hotel, cut off from the world, yet in the same city? Again, this is a great gift if your whole friends circle is pooling in.

Love your friend more than anything? Splurge a little. {Okay, a lot}.

Wine/Whisky Glasses

Does she love entertaining? Make her feel super-fancy with wine or whisky glasses, whatever her poison is. I recommend checking out Good Earth’s selection of cocktail glasses, too. Or anything from Good Earth, tbh.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Gift her a present that will last a year! There are people doing amazing subscription boxes, and there’s definitely something for everyone. I recommend you check out the designer jewellery boxes by My Envy Box and Nimai.

Take a look at our list of subscription boxes, here.


You know she’s going to use this; I mean the honeymoon is literally days away and there’s a Facebook album just waiting to be created. Check out GoPros on Amazon here.


You’ve been dealing with her emotional baggage for a while now anyway, so what better way to send her off into the great unknown than with some super Instagram-worthy luggage?

Check out these overnighters from Nappa Dori, this carry-on from Samsonite {I got the whole set—three sizes—and it’s been supremely useful}, or these very very expensive trunks from Jaipur Trunks Company.

While you’re at it, you may as well check out PropShop’s cute passport covers and our list of companies that specialise in customised luggage.

Did you give your BFF something awesome? Let us know what in the comments below!