Let It Drip: This Brand Sources Coffee Straight From The Hills Of Chikmagalur

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Bruvet Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Coffee has long graduated from being a luxury to a necessity. We love to start our day with a perfect cup of joe and keep refilling our mugs throughout the day. If you're a coffee enthusiast like us and love to try different blends and roasts, then you're in for a treat. Bruvet Coffee is a brand that sources fresh coffee beans straight from the coffee paradise of the country - Chikmagalur.

In an attempt to make coffee more accessible throughout the day, folks at Bruvet pack their coffees in drip coffee bags that allow for some divine pour-overs with minimum efforts. These work great for when you don't have any coffee equipment at home. They currently retail three blends in Medium Dark and Dark Roast. Bruvet's Dark Blend has hints of chocolate and roasted nuts - for those of us who prefer a slightly bold tasting coffee. A blend of washed and natural processings, their French Blend tastes of caramel and is extremely smooth on the palate. Single-sourced, medium roasted to perfection, their Signature Blend consists of premium Arabica seeds and has notes of caramel, chocolate, and almond. They're extremely easy to brew. All you have to do is place the filter over a mug and pour approximately 200ml of hot water, covering the sides of the filter. You can also add milk after removing the filter. 

Each of these come in a pack of seven (INR 329 - INR 349) and 15 (INR 629 - INR 649). You can order them right here on LBB.


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