Gifts That You Will Not Only Want To Give, But Get Back Too!

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Gifting ain't easy! But it's all worth it when you see all big smiles at the receiving end. Sometimes you may know the receiver too well, sometimes you may not know them at all; but what stays constant is the thought of making someone feel special. You don't need to spend a bomb for this. We are here to make this task easy-peasy with gifts that people actually appreciate (and not pass it on like Diwali mithaai) and are budget-friendly (under INR 1,000).

Also, the next time someone asks what do you want, you can send them this list too. *wink*

For The Wall

Cream & Green Layered Tassel Wall Hanging


Be it 14 or 40, girls love a simple yet chic element of home decor to adorn their walls. Tassels and dreamcatchers are the rage these days. The Tassle Life is a haven for both, and you'd actually be confused which one to buy for your friend or girlfriend (even her mom will appreciate it). We like the minty element in this classy wall-hanging and this set of three in mini floral is the right gift for all the spring-y vibes. Gift either at INR 899.

Please With A Planter

Taijitu (Yin And Yang) Concrete Succulent Planter


No more fancy floral bouquets that end up in the bin eventually. Gift and be gifted a planter for that evergreen power. You need not worry if they have a green thumb or not, they'll want to buy plants if you give planters because they are timeless and low-maintenance. You can choose from this Yin and Yang Succulent Planter for the drawing room (INR 850), this Moonshine Hanging Planter for the window-side (INR 995) or this Owl Planter for the bookshelf (INR 680). 

Caffeine Therapy

Instant Coffee with Brass Dawara Tumbler


Mornings are incomplete without a dose of caffeine and on most mornings, we feel like drowning ourselves in coffee. But we'd rather drown in something aesthetic like this rustic Dove Blue Coffee Mug (INR 900 for 2). Mugs may be cliche, but everyone appreciates something gram-worthy. There is this Instant Coffee with Brass Dawara Tumbler (INR 580) for the filter-coffee fanatics too. Go coffee combo! They will think of you during the weekday blues, when chasing deadlines and even on weekends, while chilling or posting a cuppa on IG. 

You might want to consider giving them some coffee too, check out these coffee brands you can shop at LBB!

Break The Ice

& Stirred Cocktail Mix


This is an ideal gift if you want to befriend someone new -- a just moved-in neighbour or a new colleague. You can gift them a pack of Gunsberg's Ginger Ale (INR 520 for 6), non-alcoholic plus great conversation starters. If you think they enjoy their tipple, you can consider & Stirred's Cocktail Mixers. The latter is a pack of 12 (for INR 600) with flavours like Margarita, Cosmopolitan and Sangria. When they want to hang out next, expect to be invited, now that they know you're fun!

Cutesy Kitchenware

PACMAN Coasters (Set of 4)


Kitchenware, or even cutlery for that matter, is no more about gifts for mommies and grandmommies. Devoid of the gender, it's about how much would the receiver like it. Gifts shouldn’t add clutter but should be useful and thoughtful. How lovely is this Turtle Butter Knife (for INR 299 only)? And what do you think about this nostalgic and super cool handmade Pacman Coasters (INR 499 for four)? These kitchenware products are unique, to say the least! Someone gift them to me, please. 

Stationery Stash

Magnetic Bookmarks - Night Time | Pack of 8


There is nothing like too much stationery. Period. We aren't talking about the cliche notebooks, diaries or a pen-set. Gift something quirky! These handcrafted magnetic bookmarks (pack of 8 for INR 399) are adorable and straight out of the animated film Hotel Transylvania. If you're thinking about a gift for someone who needs needs their book by the bed before sleeping, they will be delighted. Check out these eco-friendly pens that have a plantable seed too (INR 175 for 5). No discarding business here, pen becomes plant. Pretty thoughtful right?

Food = Love

Pure Nut Butter Gift Pack - Hazelnut Butter, Almond Butter & Chocolate Peanut Butter (Pack of 3)


Gift love in its edible form. They are gender-neutral and for all ages. No one says no to yummy in the tummy. Move over that generic box of chocolates and gift a DIY Hot Chocolate Hamper (for INR 599) that has Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Cocoa Powder, Ceramic Mug and Marshmallows. We love this Pure Nut Butter Gift Pack (for INR 850) which has Hazelnut Butter, Almond Butter and Chocolate Peanut Butter. It also has a shelf-life of nine months. Gift me this and there isn't a soul happier than me!

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And for those end-of-the-month situations when you're in a cash crunch and you can't think of what to gift your friend, here's LBB's guide to gifting under INR 500. Go shop-shop!

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