Bun Intended: Decadence Delivered to Your Doorstep

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Delhi’s latest attempt at burger delivery–Bun Intended–is a smashing success. Delivering only at night, they have a large selection of humungous, decadent burgers.

Not Just Another Burger Delivery

Delivering till 4am, we assumed Bun Intended was planning to target the same late-night, post bar hopping crowd as the other delivery services. And while we’re sure they’ll be a great late night drunchies option, the quality of the food makes them perfect for a regular dinner option as well.

First Impressions

The first thing that strikes you about Bun Intended is the packaging. The burgers come in sturdy boxes, which are filled with Cajun spiced fries, and are immaculately wrapped. Each box also contains a delicious Garlic Mayo {reminding us a little of the Faarsi garlic dip}—and the Bun Intended team also sent a complimentary slice of cake, for first-time customers {which we thought was a nice touch}.

Taste Test

We ordered the Lamb of God’s and Cajun Crispy Chicken burgers {keeping it simple}. The Lamb of God’s was the definition of culinary debauchery, with a ridiculously thick lamb patty, lean bacon, crunchy bell peppers and a light peri peri sauce. Due to the enormous size, we struggled finishing it, but enjoyed every mouthful.

The Cajun Crispy Chicken burger was just what you would expect. The fried chicken patty was so large it stuck out of the bun in an ungainly fashion {not that we’re complaining} and had a delightful crunch. There was English cheddar and more bell peppers, but what we really loved was the delicious Marinara sauce that was generously spread over the chicken breast.

What Else Have They Got?

At Bun Intended you can craft your own burger! But if you don’t want to think that hard, they have five vegetarian burgers, a whopping 15 non-vegetarian burgers, three massive Empire Burgers, an option to get a box of Bao, six wraps and six salads. That is not even including the many sides, milkshakes, dips and cakes.

With such an extensive menu, you can be sure we’re coming back for more.

Where: Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

Timings: 7pm – 4am

Price: INR 850 for two {approx.}

Contact: +91 9811028175, +91 9811029175

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