Burma Burma- Vegetarian Paradise For All Food Lovers

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What Makes It Awesome?

Burma Burma, the no non-veg, no-alcohol restaurant is a treat for Vegetarians and Burmese cuisine lovers. This place serves authentic Burmese Cusine complemented by hand-picked teas from around the world. Burmese food is an amalgamation of neighbouring cultures like China, North Eastern region of India, Myanmar and Thailand. This speciality restaurant displays vibrant decor and interiors that are all decorated with Burmese artefacts and takes you one step closer to the culture and place. The artefacts have been sourced from Myanmar. I instantly fell in love with their wooden chair with woven cane backs, a textured grey wall (reminiscent of the weathered stone walls of pagodas), low hanging lamps, stunning Burmese bamboo hats, and framed photographs of Burmese street life. Special mention for the brilliant menu designing-especially the dessert menu which was artistically designed. The courteous staff makes the services look effortless. Now coming to the main part-food, I would love to recommend these dishes-

1. Samuza Hincho (Samosa Soup)- Our first picks from the menu came from the interesting soups section. Samosa served in a flavoursome tangy soup with spring vegetables and spiced black chickpeas. smokey refreshing flavours with an amazing samosa inside, this soup was a delight.

2. Salads- Their salads are phenomenal.
- Spicy Tea Leaf and avocado Salad- This was a delicious mix of fermented tea leaves, fried garlic, nuts, sesame seeds, tomato and lettuce in a light and flavorful dressing is a traditional delicacy unique to Burma.

- Raw Mango Salad- One of my favourite salads which I enjoyed. The salad had shreds of raw mango mixed with roasted red chilly, roasted peanuts, lettuce and onion.

3. Mushroom Steamed Buns- fluffy soft steamed buns with a filling of mushrooms. Loved it. Must have for mushroom lovers.

4.Burmese fried rice - delicious wok-tossed rice with vegetables, white peas and golden fried onions. It paired up beautifully with spicy vegetable curry.

The meal ended blissfully on the sweetest note of a Smokey Avocado & Honey Ice Cream and Rangoon Baked Milk dessert.
- Smokey Avocado & Honey Ice Cream- avocado lends the creamy texture to this ice cream and every bite of it was satisfying.
-Rangoon baked milk -a combination of house-baked milk along with vanilla whipped ganache, raspberry gel, fried brioche and almond nougatine with an element of surprise- frozen rose petals sprinkled right in front of your eyes- truly impeccable

Needless to say, we had an enthralling experience with the food being tastefully presented and curated. An extra brownie point and mention for their exquisite dishes bursting with flavours and the warm hospitality.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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