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Let’s make consuming this information convenient, because what better than a first hand experience, to understand the convenience new kid on the block Spinny provides.

Spinny functions as an online platform to facilitate the buying and selling of used cars. Now now, we know, you’re all like so been done before, and why would I make a big investment online. Two things – one, attempting to buy or re-sell your car is a painful process, and they’re making it infinitely easier, and secondly, if you knew how thorough their process was, trust in them you would.

Here’s how it works. If you are looking to sell, all you have to do is log on, hit sell, give basic info about the car you’re trying to sell, including make, year of manufacturing and kilometers driven, and your contact details. A Spinny crew will show up {after getting in touch}, do a thorough inspection of your car, against a 200 point checklist, a Spinny executive will verify your papers and quote a price, and once everyone agrees, your car will be listed, and hopefully will be re-homed. All this, and you never left your house. You couldn’t, since you listed the kilometers already.

As for buying, since you know the Spinny certification is a thorough process, you know every car listed will be Spinny certified.

All cars come with a one year warranty, and all leading banks are on the site, with the option of EMIs, so financing is easy breezy.

What works for us, is the option to filter your search. You can search their market place using preferred brands of cars, budgets and age of the car.

Your wheels turning yet?

To start buying and selling, log on here. 

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