Happy Hours Extended: Cold Brews That You Can Top Up With Your Fave Spirit!

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Is cold brew weather back? Or, did it never leave? We think the answer lies somewhere in between. If you are confused between cold coffees and cold brew, let's set it straight. By definition, cold brew coffee is basically a process. Coffee grounds are steeped in room temperature or cold water for an elongated time period and the results are not the same as icing a hot brewed coffee. You got to try it to know it. Since summer is coming up, we made a list of cold brew coffees (in a variety of flavours) you need to buy from Shop On LBB.

Cold Brew Blend Coffee (Medium Dark Roast) From Bombay Island Coffee Company

Cold Brew Blend Coffee (Medium Dark Roast)


Dark cocoa and berry is a match made in food heaven. I personally don't prefer dark (both memes and coffee), and I'd happily have this medium-dark roast coffee at literally any hour of the day --- this one works for some post-dinner comfort too. Inspired by the Third Wave Coffee Movement, the Bombay Island Coffee Company sources the finest quality of coffee beans from the farms and brings it to our cups. Until someone invents a chocolate-coffee bar of the some combination, you're surely going to be addicted to this brew.

This dose of caffeine (250gm) is for INR 345

Hazelnut Cold Brew Coffee Bags From Sleepy Owl

Hazelnut Cold Brew Coffee Bags


How can Sleepy Owl not be on the list of something related to caffeine? We are not getting over the brand's products for a long, long time. They're giving us yet another reason to be their loyalists with this Hazelnut Cold Brew Coffee bags. This bittersweet brew will be your BFF in-between manic summer days. Just dunk your coffee bags and improvise as per your style --- water, sugar, ice, milk and maybe 2 bags (for those hard days!). Let's accept it, we do need that cup of coffee to keep us going. 

This dose of caffeine (pack of 5) is for INR 500

Blonde Caramel - Specialty Blend From Toffee Coffee Roasters

Blonde Caramel - Specialty Blend (Cold Brew)


Mumbai-based Toffee Coffee Roasters has spoiled us for options. Words cannot espresso how much you are going to love their medium and smooth caramel specialty blend. All you got to do is take 1:8 coffee and water ratio in a 1 litre glass jar. Keep it in the fridge for 16 hours and then enjoy it the way you like it. It stays fresh in fridge for seven days. Your unplanned guest visits can be sorted with this. And if you prefer something dark and distinctive, try this Easy Cold Brew.

These doses of caffeine (250gm and 240gm) are for INR 567 and INR 585 (on discount)

Cold Brew Collection From Cohoma Coffee Company

Cold Brew Collection


Can't choose a flavour? We've all been there. And with so many options to explore, we know how it can get. This cold brew coffee set of three flavours --- Vanilla, Original, Cinnamon --- from Cohoma Coffee Company's is what your body, mind and heart will thank you for. No matter what kind of mood you're in, this is bound to be your saviour. After all, getting caffeinated is the same thing as getting hydrated. Do you feel so too? Then Shop these on LBB and don't forget to keep it refrigerated.

These doses of caffeine (3 bottles = 3150ml) are for INR 1,450

The Purist Blend: Cold Brew Coffee From Farmgate Coffee

The Purist Blend: Cold Brew Coffee


If you're in search of a no-nonsense cold brew, your search ends here. Coffee purists, order this Purist Blend from Farmgate Coffee if you worship coffee for being your BFF. Hot summers and hot coffee right in the morning isn't always what you're looking for, this one is serious cold brew business (100% coffee FTW!) and the kick you need to start the day. You'll find this only on LBB peeps. Have easy mornings and thank us later. May your coffee be strong and weekend be long.

This dose of caffeine (200gm) is for INR 380

Cold Brew Blend (Honey Sun Dried Coffee) From Maverick & Farmer Coffee

Cold Brew Blend (Honey Sun Dried Coffee)


Did you see today's forecast? It's always #ColdBrewSeason but now it's starting to feel like it too. We are replacing all our favourite summer beverages with this cold brew coffee powder from Maverick & Farmer Coffee. After a long day at work, we're already dreaming about chugging this honey sun dried coffee. Before you leave for work, add 250 gms of this coffee to one litre of cold water in a vessel. Filter using a fine sieve. Store the resulting concentrated brew in a bottle in the fridge.

This dose of caffeine (250gm) is for INR 400


Caffeine lovers! Have a Moka Pot? Check this list of perfect blends, beans and brands for the perfect brew. And if your priced possession is a French Press, brew awesome with these coffees that you can Shop on LBB.


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