If you are as crazy about stationery as we are but just don’t have the time to explore all the stationery havens in town, fret not! Hop on the Internet and start shopping from our curated list of online stationery stores.



Mufubu offers uber cool and sassy products that speak for themselves. They have cheeky memo pads and sticky notes that’ll make you LOL! They also have products we don’t usually come across, including Inspectors {magnifying specs}, book lights and table lamps. And when it comes to stationery accessories, their witty Talking Tapes are unlike any other correction tape we’ve seen before, as well as their Grime Writer pens that let you make art out of dirty surfaces.

Price: Starting at INR 250

Shop online here, or find them on Facebook here.

The Fairy Dust Studio

shop for stationary online from the fairy dust studio

Image courtesy: The Fairy Dust Studio

The Fairy Dust Studio is very vintage and very French. They have cutesy cards, bookmarks and notebooks with floral, animals and bird graphic artworks on their chic pastel stationery. Want some for yourself? Head to their Facebook page, take a look through the photos, and message them to place your order.

Price: Starting at INR 350

Shop online here.


shop for stationary online from letternote

Image courtesy: LetterNote

Obsessed with doodling but a plain, ordinary book just won’t do? Head on to LetterNote‘s stationery section to catch hold of their wicked products. Their collection of notebooks and note cards are chic with fine textured covers and simple prints {font names, hand signs, or even just scribbles}, or colourful and artsy {like the Stay True Organiser and  Pink Vivid Notebooks}.

You can choose from plain, ruled or gridded papers. Check out their section of engraved card holders, as well; they will definitely make handing out your business cards more exciting.

Price: Starting at INR 175

Shop online here, and find them on Facebook here.


shop for stationary online from the postbox

Image courtesy: ThePostbox

A fan of pop art and bright colours? ThePostbox has them on the covers of their fab notebooks, in which you can choose to doodle, scribble or pen down your thoughts. Pun-ny band art {The Beatles with beetles on them}, abstract paintings, pop art of popular stars and picturesque photographs are some of the themes that find their way to their notebooks.

Their Veneer notebooks make for an interesting keep, having been made from reused waste wood from Kerala. They can even be customised—you can add your name into a pre-existing design {makes for a great gift, don’t you think?}.

Price: Starting at INR 249

Shop online here, and find them on Facebook here.


shop for stationary online from rubberband

Image courtesy: Rubberband

Rubberband‘s products are characterized by easy-on-the-eye, minimal aesthetic. Their most sophisticated notebooks are the ones with black card covers and bright pages in colours that pop {think pink, yellow and blue}.

Our favourites? Their gift combos in a complimentary assortment of different notebooks and memo pads. Look out for their Koh-i-noor graphite sticks with five times more lead than ordinary ones {artists, are you listening?}.

Price: Starting at INR 115

Shop online here, and find them on Facebook here.

Once Upon A Flutter

shop for stationary online from once upon a flutter

Image courtesy: Once Upon a Flutter

The online store is the ultimate stop shop for high-end stationery products. They have beautiful lavish cards for all occasions {even to say hello!} with typography, confetti, foil, and floral designs, or in the form of certificates. Who knew cards could be so pretty?

They have notebooks and journals that will immediately make you want to put pen to paper, whether it’s just to list out your plans as a bridesmaid or your bucket list. What’s more? They also have confetti bombs, ribbon tags and rubber stamps; notebook heaven looks like this!

Price: Starting at INR 215

Shop online here, and find them on Facebook here.

Nappa Dori

shop for stationary online from nappa dori

Image courtesy: Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori’s leather organisers are as classy as they come, with compact spaces for pens, pencils and whatever else you’d need. Talking about organisers, you can grab one of their sappers that can keep your pencils and pens in order. And if you have an obsession for stationery that sticks or leaves an impression, you will definitely love their set of vintage stickers and rubber stamps. While the stationery is pricey, they definitely make for great investments.

Price: Starting at INR 295

Shop online here, and find them on Facebook here.

Origin One


Origin One offers really hip journals, notebooks and memo pads that boast of great design. Think brown rustic gilded memo blocks, handmade paper, thread-stitched notebooks, pocket notebooks and souvenir maps.

Each notebook has various size options, colour options {black, kraft cover or white} and blank vs lined pages. In earthy and neutral hues, all their products are classic, no colour splashes and clashes here. And have we mentioned their stationery subscription mystery box? It’s like gifting yourself a surprise; it brings you a curated selection of their stationery, starting at INR 1,000 every month.

Price: Starting at INR 125

Shop online here, and find them on Facebook here.

Eye Candy

buy stationary online from eye candy

Image courtesy: Eye Candy

Eye Candy does ready-to-order diaries, and creates custom journals and stationery. One look at their product line-up, and we knew we’d be browsing for a bit. They do simple and clean designs, which are off-set by quotes in quirky and fun typography. Think leather journals with subtle brass icons, a thin orange band running over cobalt blue leather, and handmade paper notebooks with motivational quotes on the cover.

All the products are handcrafted in-house, and they stock products ranging from stationery, decor, lifestyle and a variety of other everyday minimalist objects.

Price: Starting at INR 750

Shop online here.

Featured image courtesy: Origin One