Ever Been To A Cafe With A Pool? This Beach Shack In North Campus Has It

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What Makes It Awesome

We’re a bit jealous of everyone studying at the North Campus colleges. The list of cool places opening up there never stops! So here's another cool cafe you should know about, in the vicinity - By The Bay! It's a beach themed cafe that has a cool tropic set up. 

They managed to get a glowing paddling pool bang in the middle of the restaurant. This couples/women-only pool is where people can soak their feet as they sip their drinks. Goa feels FTW! A calm, beachy place in the morning and a hip party spot at night, we’re loving every bit of how this cafe looks.

It's spunky, romantic and super fun with swing chairs, glow signs and cool wall art. Bathed in whites and blues, it’s as close to a beach that Delhi folks can get without leaving the city.

They’ve got a huge projector that changes its visuals of the beach as the day progresses. So, depending on what time you land up, you can enjoy a totally different vibe (shiny, fluorescent beach at night, peppy, sunshine-filled waves in the day). On the weekends, they even have special menus with crabs and lobsters or other creatures of the sea in keeping with the theme and you can expect a psychedelic party atmosphere. Otherwise, their menu is a multi-cuisine spread with everything from pizzas, pastas, platters, kebabs, tikkas and a whole world of finger food to go with your cocktails. They have a Margarita menu and cocktails in naariyal shells. Expect to see coastal dishes from different parts of India: prawn Chettinad, seafood smeared with Richardo sauce or Andhra fish. And, add to the mix live music and we have a winner, right?

P.S. Are you going or are you going?

Price: INR 1,300 for two people. 


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