When In Connaught Place, Head To CCD For A Quick Bite & Good Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Cafe Coffee Day has always been a great coffee shop brand, there are many across the city, so many that perhaps we've learnt to take them for granted. But if we talk about our good ol' hang out spot in the city - Connaught Place, there are multiple outlets of CCD there. In fact, the CCD CP outlets are probably the most comfortable coffee shops to reach (right in the middle of the city, hello!) and chill at.

CCD has been around since 1996,  and has helped nurture the cafe culture in Delhi. The brand not only serves as a food and coffee outlet, but also sells individual packaged food items like cookies, coffee, granola bars, biscuits and coffee making appliances like french press.

So, if you're ever hanging out in CP and want to grab a good cup of coffee, here are a couple of things you can try from CCD's menu.

If you really enjoy hot beverages, then we recommend their Cafe Latte (INR 157), and Cappucino (INR 148),. and if you enjoy cold beverages, then do try their Cafe Frappe (INR 190) and Devil's Own (around INR 260). Not someone who enjoys beverages with dairy? Then you can try their Cool Blue (INR 190), a refreshing, carbonated drink which is like the level 2.0 version of sprite with a good slice of lemon!

Apart from this, you can order some really great sandwiches to go with your coffee. You can order their Wood Smoked Chicken (INR 224), or their Cheesy Corn 'N' Spinach (INR 171). They also do cakes, so you can maybe get a slice or a whole cake packed for your friend or for home.

You can also just grab a coffee on the go, because not only is there a CCD at the Rajiv Chowk metro station, there is one in Block L, one in Block C and basically everywhere! 

Price: INR 500 for two people. 

What Could Be Better

It's an accessible and a relatively affordable cafe that does decent coffee. However, we're not a big fan of the Filter Coffee served here. It feels watered down, and doesn't come with the classic smokey coffee taste. 


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