Visit Café Wanderlust To Take Your Taste Buds On A Tour

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Hop around the world through Café Wanderlust’s global café menu. It’s typical cafe food comprising sandwiches, pancakes, vada pavs and the like.

Some Say Café, We Call It A Mini Vacation

Tucked away at the back of the first floor of Galleria Market, Café Wanderlust is pretty hard to spot. Even so, it’s often packed with some very loyal customers who know better than to let this secret out {sorry, guys}.

Café Wanderlust has a laid-back, beach shack vibe, a place where you can easily let the day get away from you while you sip on a cutting chai while playing Ludo with friends. The travel theme is expressed well through many photographs from around the world.


Sit back and relax on their easy floor seating, and order one of their hearty breakfasts from their all day breakfast menu – American, French, Indian Australian.

Apart from a selection o café foods around the world, like, crepes, burritos or calzones, Café Wanderlust also has quite an extensive Indian café fare, be it Banarasi kachori, Patna’s litti chokha or Mumbai style vada pao.

So, We’re Saying…

This is the place to go to when your taste buds have a case of wanderlust. We highly recommend the Nutella banana crepes at the café.


The portions here are rather generous {and pocket-friendly too} so it’s a good idea to share.