Drinks At MRP, Unlimited Chakhna Refills & More: Cafe Wiser Miser Is Our New CP Favourite

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It’s time to move over MyBar because the 45-day-old Cafe Wiser Miser serves drinks at MRP, a delish chakhna platter with unlimited refills and the great vibe of this place is certainly taking things up a notch. It’s where you need to head for those affordable drinking scenes with your gang.

Wiser Decision For The Miser In You

Is the plan of chilling with your friends taking a backseat because you’re all low on dough? The peeps at Cafe Wiser Miser understand that not everyone can afford to splurge on alcohol and hence, they’re offering drinks at MRP rates. They don’t even levy service charge and if you’re thinking that it might be a shady bar, you’ll be pleased to enter into Cafe Wiser Miser’s grunge-themed space with a colourful drawer wall, classy wooden interiors and comfortable couches that will make you want to sit there all day.

Settled in one of those comfy couches, we browsed through the menu and were relived to discover a list of nominally priced liquor. From beers like Kingfisher, Bira, King’s {woot woot!} to all types of whiskys, vodkas, gin and wines, they have everything you’d need for a boozy time with friends. The teetotallers can choose from a range of palatable shakes, smoothies and mocktails {we hear great things about their Cinderella Mocktail} and they also have hookah, if that’s what you like.

More Than Just Cheap Booze

Since chakhna is a big part of the whole drinking experience, our broke self couldn’t control the excitement we experienced on finding that they serve a chakhna platter with 21 options and unlimited refills! You can select any three items like Aloo Chana Chaat, potato wafers, Kachumber Cucumber but we definitely recommend the Chicken Tikka Chaat, Paneer Tikka Chaat and Masala Peanuts {’cause alcohol and peanuts go hand-in-hand}. The Chakhna served here was fresh, had an appetizing tangy kick and honestly, it’s something we could binge-eat all day.

You’ll also find the regular burgers, pastas, Indian, Chinese and Continental fare but if you’re a group of more than three {or really hungry three people}, you can order the huge {and filling} 18 inch pizza available on request at Wiser Miser.

So, We're Saying...

Our cynical selves were impressed by what Cafe Wiser Miser has to offer and we think you that will be too. The co-owners – Parul Shodhan & Shahrukh are planning to open five more outlets across the city, so you to have more reasons to make the long overdue drinking plan with your friends happen.


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