Can't Sleep? These 8 Places Are Open 24/7 & Serve Coffee, Waffles & More

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There are some heroes—heroes who understand the afterparty needs, the 3am cravings, and that a drink early in the morning never hurt anyone. Here are nine cafes and restaurants that keep their shutters open all day and all night.

Delhi Pavilion

Please your taste buds by making your own sandwiches, gorging on Mughlai and Continental food, and delve in rich desserts any time of the day. Delhi Pavilion has breakfast and lunch buffets, too, so grab a plate and get grubbin’!


Lavish interiors with a huge, eye catching chandelier, Blooms is a fine dining restaurant which runs around the clock. They do sushi, soups, and salads best. They also have a ‘make your own pasta’ section {no, you won’t have to cook it}.

Also, if you’re torn between sipping tea or getting drunk, Blooms has the perfect solution- alcoholic tea and alcoholic coffee {we’re serious}. They offer drinks like Tulsi Mint Tea infused with Bombay Sapphire, Tiramisu Tea and Kahlua, Milk Coffee with Jack Daniels, Americano coffee with Baileys and many more confusing drinks.

Yellow Brick Road

A small European-esque cafe serving the most delish food, Yellow Brick Road is the kind of place where you go to find some peace, quiet, and whole lot of mouth watering food. They also have an outdoor garden seating area perfect for those winter nights with blazing hot coffee. Their cosy blue and yellow theme is a treat to the eyes while you stuff your face with their tasty lunch buffet options.


If you’re an egg-head {no offence, guys}, then this place is for you. They serve amazing egg dishes like the Eggchilada, Eggkuri, Eggsiliration, Eggstravaganza and a lot more punny food {not to mention, it’s all amazing}. They also have delectable salads, surprisingly good sea food, and refreshing juices from their juice bar.

Horn Please

This place offers an all-out Mughlai and Chinjabi menu, so if you’ve got a midnight butter chicken hankering, you know where to head. They also have veg and non-vegetarian thali options so you can fill that tummy to the brim. You can pair that with a lassi or a virgin mojito and have a merry night.

24/7 Bar, The Lalit

We mean, look at the name. The fizzy round of Champagne, the fancy cocktails, and amazing round the clock music and party vibe at this place is always upbeat and you can head here for your afterparty scenes with the gang. They’ve also made a name for themselves with their super amazing service and friendly staff.

Zodiac—Fortune Select Excalibur

Zodiac’s got all your midnight {or morning} cravings covered. They serve everything from parathas and waffles to prawns and sushi and this fine dining restaurant. You’ll also have a choice of your favourite alcoholic beverages round the clock. 9am drinking, anyone?

24/7 Convenience Stores

The owl mascot glowing amongst the locked shutters in every market really roots 24/7 as the go-to store for all things late night. Be it on your way back from a hard night of drinks for their signature hot dogs and sandwiches, an early morning visit for some breakfast supplies before embarking on your road trip, or a Sunday grocery shopping spree, 24/7 makes for an inevitable pit stop for the sleepless. Head here for everything from snacks and alcohol {till 10pm} to groceries and house needs.

They just started serving midnight waffles and we’re heading there to get a sugar rush in the middle of the night.


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