Cafeteria & Co In North Campus Does Some Stellar Fish And Chips

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The freshest fish and chips, the heartiest burgers and Oriental food, bursting with mind boggling flavour. And the crepes, oh the crepes. North Campus sure does food right.

Fishy, In The Best Way Possible

A fish lover stuck in the heart of the country, I desperately looked for the best fish and chips Delhi could offer, and believe me when I say, that Cafeteria and Co. gives coastal India some good competition too {Bombay and Goa, are you listening?}.

Breaking Down The Menu

Cafeteria and Co. is one of the busiest, most popular and definitely most loved cafes in the student area. They play some of the nicest music tracks ranging from Pink Floyd to the Fray, while their ambient lighting and selection of different {read: weird/offbeat} decor makes it the perfect place for a lighthearted gathering. The Triple Dip fries is something you will find on every table; we recommend skipping the starters and going straight in for the mains. Our all time favourites are the Fish and Chips, the Lebron James burger served with masala topped fries, the Roast Pork with spiced gold Rum sauce or the Bhuna Mutton Hexizza.

Oh Crepe{s}!

The Mix Berry Cream Cheese crepe is one thing that we cannot get our eyes, minds and spoons away from. Fresh, light and oh so delicious, this will have you mmmm-ing and ooooh-ing all the way. Chocoholics must try the Three Way chocolate crepe.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re looking for a yummy and slightly pocket-friendly option this week, then Cafeteria and Co. is an absolute must visit. Be prepared to face an average waiting time of five-15 minutes, but trust us when we say, it’ll definitely be worth it. Photos source: Cafeteria & Co .

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