This Cake Can Live For Upto 9 Months In Your Fridge & Still Taste Fresh

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Fine Food Cellar is an gourmet food brand that brings exclusive foods to the country—like this lovely, Armenian honey cake that lasts from 9 months on the shelf to 2 years in the freezer—that no other retailer in the country sources or stocks.

It's All Fine

Started a couple of years ago {2016, to be exact}, the agenda the good folk at The Fine Food cellar had was arrow-straight—bring in quality products that weren’t just food du jour, but things with staying power that people stayed interested in for years after their launch. The core concept was to travel the world to find fine food that was nowhere close to available in India—and to make it available here.

The first in what they call their line of ‘slow-sourced’ goods {the idea being that they take 6 months to launch a product with all its variations, and then throw their full strength into giving it the time and effort it deserves} is their range of Marlenka Honey Cakes, a product we team-tested because it sounded so interesting.

Show Me The Honey

The Marlenka Honey Cake was tried by our entire team, and each person {except for just one of us that found it a little sweet, but, to be fair, doesn’t like desserts all that much} thought it was a really great cake. We tried the Marlenka Honey Cake with Walnut, and the Marlenka Honey Cake with Cocoa {the cake pop version}, and while I personally thought the honey cream-filled cake pops were the better of the two, a lot of people on the team liked the rich, solid texture of the cake loaf itself just as much. The Marlenka Honey Cake with Lemon, we hear, also goes down a treat.

It’s also a nice add-on that the cake is built with packaging and ingredients so tough, it can last 9 months in the fridge {unopened}, without going or tasting stale. The best part is that it’s GMO free, has no additives and no artificial colors. You can order them off their website and have them customise it whatever way you like; for a birthday party, gluten-free…you name it.

So, We're Saying

Stock up on this rockstar cake, because it will outlast all your other food if the apocalypse comes—and, of course, because it tastes great and distinctly unlike most cakes we’ve tried.

You can order them (and get more details) on their website here. You can also just grab them at a gourmet retail stores around the city.



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