Calligraphy, Terrarium Making & Painting: Sign Up for Craft Weekends With Ptah

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What Makes It Awesome?

As much as I like going out to eat and drink, it does get awfully boring. And for weekends when I'm looking to do something new and interesting, I sign up for Ptah events.

Ptah organizes hella cool arts and crafts based workshops in town, including things like Calligraphy, painting and terrarium making. I've been for the terrarium and calligraphy workshops with my friends. They're a lot of fun, while also being super informative and helping you get those creative juices flowing.

They've also become my de-facto way of getting my eyes off of my phone and laptop. The classes are usually 3 hours long, cost around INR 1500-2100 per person, but come inclusive of supplies, a trained teacher/expert, and food and drinks.

What's My Pro Tip?

They have these art events around different parts of town. The ones at Smokehouse Deli are my favorite- order a bottle of wine, gather your friends around and make something with your own hands.

All of their workshops are ideal for beginners. I can't remember the last time I tried Calligraphy, but I had a blast. Other attendees are usually a mix of students, professionals looking to switch up their weekends, and art enthusiasts.

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