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Keep Calm and Do Kaam

Suchita posted on 30th January

By Suchita S. 

If you're a 20-something employee, this one's for you. I've made enough mistakes at work to draw out some cardinal rules which apply to all of us salaried individuals. Work it at work, with a little bit of gyaan courtesy yours truly.

#1 Remember why you're working in the first place |

People have jobs for all reasons- making money, marking time till you realize what you really want to do, get the mandatory work-ex before an MBA, or a genuine desire to learn more. So why did you start working with your company in the first place? If you're in it for the money and to move up in the organization, work like there's no tomorrow. Don't go hungover to office. Make an effort and go work on a Saturday if that's what it takes. If you're marking time till you realize what you truly want to do/apply for an MBA, stop complaining about the work you get. You want a solid CV? You're getting 2 years of much needed work experience to write about! Keep calm and last the hours.

#2 Have a USP | {This applies to those who are in it to win it}

 Unless you're working in a start-up or you're lucky enough to land a job with no competition at your level, you need to find a way to stand out of the crowd. Find what makes you irreplaceable and indispensable.  You don't get a promotion by blending into the background. So speak up in your meetings if you have a good idea {you will be judged for saying something idiotic, trust me}. Take the lead on a project. Most importantly, be a part of the solution, not the problem. I know this sounds like a brotip, but the truth is that everyone likes a good ending. And if you can help your boss find one for an issue driving him/her nuts- you just landed yourself a bonus buddy. Keep calm and be special

#3 Seriously, stay clear of office gossip |

Two things here- don't be party to it, and don't be the reason people are gossiping. Sure you thought it was hilarious when you got hammered and said something inappropriate at your last company dinner. But if you give people a reason to talk about you in a context that isn't work related, it's going to stick with you until someone does something dumber. Even if you're the smartest cookie in your office, one silly rumor and all your work will be forgotten. Also, never bitch about your Boss to your colleagues no matter how tempted you are. If they're venting, let them talk and blow off their steam. But you, yes you, please stay shut. The Boss always finds out. And when you're stuck with more work you had bargained for, you'll hear me saying 'I told you so!'. Keep calm and don't trash talk.

#4 When in doubt, shut up & listen |

Problem with adults- everyone thinks they've got the right answer. You'll meet some people who are genuinely daft. They aren't worth the effort, so save your energy for another day and ignore their ramblings. Then there are those who will sweep you off your feet with their unmatched eloquence and intelligence. Learn from these wise beings. You don't always have to have the last word. Remember, you're at the lowest ebb of the corporate ladder and those in the upper echleons are there for a reason. Keep calm and listen.  

#5 Pay your dues |

Referring to point #4, unless you're Superman, you aren't jumping up the corporate ladder anytime soon. It's great you're making sense in all meetings and your suggestions and inputs are being taken into consideration. But if you want to make it big at work, you have to pay your dues. Your boss will not let you get promoted in six months, if it took him/her two years! You need to give your hundred percent 60% of the time {when your boss is around}, struggle a little and sweat a little, because nothing comes easy. I'm sure you are very cool and super talented, but donkey labour is inevitable in your initial period of employment. Also, life is really long. You'll have enough time to retire and play golf when you're hitting 50. So take your time, keep calm and keep at it.

#6 At the end of the day, the show must go on |

I have this problem- I think that if I don't do the job myself, it'll never get done. Time and time again this has been proven otherwise. Now you might say this contradicts point #2. Even if you have a USP, when push comes to shove there will be someone to step in your shoes. They might not be as good at the task as you, but the job's going to get done one way or the other. So don't take yourself too seriously. Keep calm and don't khao bhao.

#7 Golden Rule: The Boss is not your friend |

Definition of a Friend: A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade. There's a reason why Friendship Day & Bosses Day are on two different days. You think your Boss is awesome? He thinks like you, he talks like you. Heck, he probably supports Djokovic just like you. You can get along with your Boss, but please note- The Boss is not your friend. The Boss is, well, the Boss. If you were The Boss' buddy, you won't be working under him/her. It's really that simple. So talk to your boss about last night's game, about their favorite book, about the weather if you please. But don't confide in him/her. He/she is not your comrade. Keep calm and do his/her kaam.

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