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Saiba posted on 10 June

By Saiba Singh

For most office-goers, good cafeteria food is not always a freely available option. That leaves street food or having to carry your own meal from home as the alternatives; alternatives that aren't particularly healthy, or can be quite cumbersome, especially if you don't have help at home. Enter CalorieSmart - Gurgaon's version of the Mumbai 'Dabbawalas' - the difference being that CalorieSmart prepares the meals it delivers! It calls itself a corporate lunch service provider, and the price points looked right up my alley. Each meal is packed with all essential nutrients, is free from butter and ghee, and there is a new menu on offer everyday!

CalorieSmart essentially offers two meal types. The Premium Meal, which is available in multiple cuisines including Continental, Mexican, Chinese, Thai and Lebanese, packs in about 500 Kcal. The Executive Meal, which has only Indian cuisine options, packs in about 700 Kcal. On any given day, each platter has a selection of 5 items, all to make up a balanced meal, with non vegetarian options available on all days except tuesdays. Whether you're looking for a fixed delivery service, or a one off order, there's a subscription and payment model to suit every kind of need.

Before I committed to anything, I decided to test the product with the 'free sample' meals option. Here's the lowdown; quick and easy, just like their order and delivery system.

Meal Type: I went with the Premium Meal.

Meal of the Day: I chose the Moroccan Feast.

Delivery: On time! They delivered at 11.30am, and because I was in a meeting, they came back at 11.45. Convenient!

Packaging: Far from wobbly or foil centric. The meal came in sturdy Tupperware and hassle free packaging, all neatly arranged on a stable tray, and with disposable cutlery.

Food Quality: The food was good; slightly spicy for my taste, but on the whole, there was a lot of variety. Be warned though, do not expect gourmet meals or super authentic cuisine. At the end of the day, the menu makes for good, wholesome, convenient and healthy meals.

Notes in Our Little Black Book |

A convenient and healthy alternative for working professionals, CalorieSmart delivers neatly packaged meals, with multiple cuisine options, and at super affordable prices.

Where: Check out their website here for the full menu and details on how to order.

Price: A Premium Meal is between INR 141 - 175, and an Executive Meal ranges from INR 89 - 123. {They deliver Monday through Friday.}

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