You Can Get Organic Cow’s Milk, Fresh Fruits & Veggies Delivered Through Farmery

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What Makes It Awesome

Been looking for a safer alternative to commercial milk brands selling preservative-laden milk? Farmery might just be what you need. It all starts with the cows. These guys have their own farm in Sohna where their cows are raised in the best of conditions and are fed with proper fodder, which results in a pure yield. The cows are given no kind of artificial growth hormone or steroids and the resultant milk is absolutely untouched by preservatives or adulterants of any kind. Not just that, they even use an automatic milking machine to milk these cows. 

You can choose to order Cow Milk, Buffalo Milk and even Desi Cow Milk (local AF) along with Probiotic Curd, Fresh Ghee and Paneer. We got the Cow Milk 5 day trial pack where they delivered the milk to us everyday, for 5 days. It came pretty early in the morning and we appreciated the glass bottles over the traditional plastic packaging. The probiotic curd tasted pretty close to what our homemade one does but without all the effort involved.

As for the fresh fruits and veggies, it's a pretty recent venture they've made to support farmers by connecting them to consumers so they can easily get organic vegetables and fruits along with their milk. They have fruits like watermelon, cherries, mangoes, lychees, and vegetables from carrots and potatoes to raw mango and beetroot. Scroll down enough and you'll find organic aata, maida, haldi, dal and various spices. 

Price: INR 300 onwards for the 5 day milk trial, veggies start at INR 48


When you're ordering fruits and vegetables, check out where they've got a section called "About The Farmer" which was a really sweet touch. 

PS - Grocery deliveries happen only on Saturday and Sunday so keep that in mind and maybe order ahead for the entire week. 


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