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You Can Try 5 Wines At This Cyber Hub Restaurant & It's Totally Free

    Cyber Hub, Gurgaon


    We love Asian tapas bar, Twist, for its dim sum, sushi & Thai offerings and, now, the weekly, free wine tasting sessions are another great reason to head here.

    Wine & Dine

    You don’t have to go for a tour, you don’t have to take an online course and you don’t even have to read those massive wine books to learn more about wine – all you have to do is head on over to Twist on Thursdays. Once a week, Twist takes you on an intimate wine tour right from their restaurant.

    Armed with a sommelier on board, you can taste five wines from across the globe and ask all the wine questions you’ve wanted answers to for free. Since the owners of Twist are also wine importers, they stock labels you won’t find elsewhere.

    Make An Evening Out Of It

    From 6 -7pm, you’re in the informed hands of a trained sommelier who hand-picks five wines for you to try – including red, white and rose. They also serve a round of finger foods that are thoughtfully paired with each wine, so you can experience a wine tasting like it should be. The idea is to introduce the concept of drinking wine with your meal and enhancing the appeal of wines to those of you who are interested in this spirit.

    So, We're Saying...

    Don’t just enjoy wines – learn about them so you shop right, drink right and pair right whenever you eat out.

      Cyber Hub, Gurgaon