Looking For A Top-Notch Grocery Outlet? The Exchange Stores In Civil Lines Is The Best In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

Cannot find that special magic ingredient for your dish? Or do you want that specific chocolate which your cousin got for you from abroad? Head to this hidden gem in Civil Lines. The Exchange Stores has everything stocked up from imported chocolates, dips/hummus and baking ingredients to candies, chips and assorted bread/bakery items.

They have also got various flavours of peanut butter, tinned fish and different types of flavoured tea and cereal along with general toiletries and other basic household stuff.

What's My Pro Tip?

Take the metro and head to civil lines {yellow line}, the store is just beside the metro station {they have a parking issue so taking your car there might be a problem} Plus, time your visit accordingly as they close for lunch at 1pm.c

Anything Else?

The rates are a little high as this shop sells numerous imported goods but even though things are pricey it wouldn't disappoint you at all! You name an item and they'll probably have it.

Also, they've also got the famous Karachi bakery fruit biscuits.