You Can't Stop At One Shawarma At This Place!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Al Bake: Since our cravings were down under for a long time now it’s time to unravel the awesomeness of the most famous Shawarmas. As you take it’s name mouth start to drool over them. There is no as such the best ones as by default all are major sellers

We tried a few at Al Bake:

1. Garlic Kebab Shawarma: Melt in its mouth with juicy kebab and mayo and garlic flavour of it makes you tempt to order more.

2. Crispy Fried Chicken known as CFC is the most popular amongst all the famous ones and as the name suggest it’s aroma is still there inside my mouth.

3. Chicken Lolly POP: The lollypops are so juicy and tasty that the taste buds gets activated in its best possible.

4. Paneer Shawarma: The veg one is just like the non-veg one which smells great and tastes so yummy and the mayo is the apple of the eye.

A must visit

A taste makes us drool and then pen it down and thats what i love to do 😍