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    Throwing A Diwali Party? Make It Fabulous With Fabindia

    Mary posted on 25 October

    This time of the year, it’s all about them card parties. The alcohol needs to flow, the plates need to be full and your poker face needs to be on point.

    While we can’t help you with how many hands you win this season, we can help make sure your home gig is a winner through & through.    

    Two-Shelf Trolley With Wheels


    Just ensure that you’re  well-stocked for this one. It isn't just super easy to move around, but also adds to the style quotient of your house.

    Buy it here.

    Marble Brass White Urli  


    While figuring out the décor for your party, you can rely on some traditional pieces that never go out of style. Fill it with water, pick some floating tea light candles, and sprinkle rose petals to make sure your party is a visual delight in every way.

    Buy it here.

    Ceramic Ware

    01016_fab-india_ceramicwareNext up is our tip on how to lay out the food. Make sure your guests don’t go hungry with these elegant and sophisticated ceramic pieces that will make the dishes look even more tempting. They work especially well for those awesome appetisers that get endlessly passed around.

    Buy it here.

    Candles And Candle Stand


    Pretty bright candles might seem like an obvious addition, but they always add to the festive warmth {pun intended}. Pick one or multiple colours to keep the Diwali glow shining throughout the season.

    Buy it here.

    Playing Cards


    Ok, maybe we should’ve started with this, but it’s never too late. No party is complete without a new, smooth set of cards that will be used extensively to make you win and lose some for many Diwalis to come!

    Feel free to pick one with a nice Indian print to channel those festive vibes.

    Buy it here.

    Metal Glass Table Lantern 


    If your party is on the terrace, consider these lanterns to add that extra touch to those corners. Hang them from a nail or place them on a table and you’re good to go. Make sure to stock up on the tea lights so you can keep them going as long as your party lasts.

    Buy it here.

    Festive Cushions


    Add a bit of traditional magic to your space with some printed cushions. Not only do they give your room an instant uplift, they also help guests be comfortable and cozy.

    From embroidered to printed, these are available in a multitude of colours you can choose depending on the ambience you want to create. Love yourself some bright colours? There is no way you can miss adding these to your list, then.

    Buy it here.



    A perfect accompaniment to floor cushions, you can get your hand on some dhurries and create a nice Moroccan-styled setting. This happy mash-up of cushions and dhurries will create an intimate and informal ambience and help you make sure everyone has a place to sit {and pass out!}.

    Buy it here.

    Table Runner

    211016_tablerunnerWhile most of us agree we like presentation, dressing up the table is an area that tends to be forgotten. Table runners not only add to the spread, but also make a statement about your eye for detail.

    Buy it here.

    Vintage Coffee Table

    201016_vintage-coffee-tableA timeless piece, this vintage coffee table is a perfect addition to any home, the festive season being a great excuse to buy some good pieces of furniture for your house.

    After all, nothing gets us in the festive mood like a good purchase, right?

    Buy it here.

    With so many products, Fabindia has something for every type of party you would want to host this Diwali season. So get your credit cards out and start shopping right away.

    Find out more about Fabindia here and follow them on Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here.

    Photos courtesy: Fabindia

    This article is in partnership with Fabindia.

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