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Buying These Lamps, Made From Cardboard, Gear Chains & Thread, Is A Bright Idea

    We scoured World Art Community for interesting lamps that would light up your house – made from corrugated cardboard, industrial waste, reclaimed wood and glass bottles, these pieces are super unusual. Across different price points, each of these would make for an interesting design element, whether you’re moving into a new home or planning a redo for one of your rooms.

    Turquoise Blue String Lights From Tangle

    Turquoise Blue String Lights

    Fashioned from thread, these are available in lots of colour combinations. While we think the turquoise blue is magical, you’re welcome to choose from pink, peach, black, red and white.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 850

    Vintage Bulb Table Lamp From Rubbish No More

    Vintage Bulb Table Lamp

    Rubbish No More stays true to its name and refurbishes waste to wonderful – this lamp is made from wood that’s salvaged from packing crates. Coupled with the retro bulb, this lamp is a complete #throwback.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 1,600

    The Pineapple Pop Luminary From Orunie

    The Pineapple Pop Luminary

    Yes, this one is pricey but we’d highly recommend this hipster lamp if you’re looking to treat yourself to some funky home decor. 

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 5,000

    Gear Chain Industrial Wall Light From Fos Lighting

    Gear Chain Industrial Wall Light

    Industrial-style lighting is all the rage, so we’re fairly certain this gear chain piece will appeal to your modern design sensibilities. Go ahead, treat yourself.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 4,975

    Skyliner From Shady Ideas


    Shady Ideas manufactures close to 3,000 lamps every month, made from recycled acrylic and handmade paper. A celebration of the diversity of different cities, set apart by the buildings, traffic, noise and light, we’d definitely buy this as an ode to the big city life.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 4,355

    Kettle Lamp Aquamarine From PoppadumArt

    Kettle Lamp Aquamarine

    A pop of colour, PoppadumArt’s products are kitschy, bright and bold. This Kettle Lamp in eye-catching aquamarine is no exception – we love this for kitchen spaces or gardens.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 3,000

    light.FLAURA.Cactii From Hari Kara

    This succulent lamp is almost magical, with the added bonus of never having to water it.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 2,475 {currently on discount}

    Foliage Love - Cylindrical Hanging/Table Lamp From Studio Moya

    If you’re setting up your first home, adorn it with this lamp. Printed with peacocks dancing amidst foliage, it’s supposed to signify good luck.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 900

    Vintage Pendant Lamp From Untold Homes

    Like your lights simple and classy? Look no further than this black vintage-style lamp – it would look great in an artist’s studio or hanging above your reading corner.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 899

    Colourful Owl Night Lamp From Kavi

    Up all night? Let this multi-coloured owl keep you company.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 1,299

    Room Partition Lamp From Purple Curtain

    Go big or go home, this partition lamp measures 5.5ft by 4 ft so it can be used for its intended purpose, a solo source of light or a wall mounted piece. Regardless of how you decorate with this, it’ll be a conversation-starter for sure.

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 10,000

    Cfocat Table Lamp From

    Sylvn Studio uses corrugated cardboard to make these deceptive lamps – who’d have thought cardboard could be so expertly twisted into this Cfocat lamp?

    Where: Shop here

    Price: INR 2,100