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Catch The Freshest Female Artists At Bunmanchi’s Jampool Sessions

Kasturi posted on 13 August

What Is It?

Jampool Sessions is a live jam session that is curated and organised for you to catch new music, faces and some excellent new menus too.

The idea is to bring together musicians from varied walks of life and help create wonderful music and magic. This time around, it's happening at Bunmanchi.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who is interested in the ‘Delhi scene’ and is looking out for alternative music. And if you’re too hipster for mainstream, this has to be on your weekend checklist.

Why Should I Go For It?

This time you can catch the likes of Neeraja {singer-songwriter and vocalist} and Prakriti & Krishna {musicians bound by their passion for acoustic versions}. We are also looking forward to catching our very own awesome ex-colleague Namrata {Broadway-music enthusiast}, as well as Ditty {performance artist from Sri Lanka}.

Photo courtesy: Bunmanchi