We're Going Gaga Over The Chaat And Faluda At This Tilak Nagar Restaurant

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Forget shopping, head to the Tilak Nagar market for mouth-watering treats at the Aggarwal Restaurant. The Raj Kachori and Rabri Faluda that this place offers is guaranteed to give you a foodgasm like never before.

Oh, They Sure Are {Treat}in' Us Right!

We believe that chaat is art and the peeps at Aggarwal create the perfect masterpiece with their Raj Kachori that demands admiration for its perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours and layers of goodness that’ll tingle your taste buds like nothing else. And what’s so great about their Rabri Faluda you ask? Well, Aggarwal Restaurant’s Rabri Faluda is rich, nutty and chilled. It’s a saving grace in this hot summer month of June and is bound to make you regret the times you had Faluda anywhere else. We also hear great things about their Chole Bhature and Pav Bhaji.

So, We're Saying...

Thank the Gods if you live near Tilak Nagar {faluda and chaat all day, erryday!} and thank us too ’cause we’ve unearthed this gem for you.


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