Ten-Second Takeaway

Bun omelette, chai and pakoras; sounds perfect, right? This is what the new offerings at Chaayos are all about, and we love them.

Chow Down

Pakora Basket, Loaded Chicken Cheese Max

Sip On

Desi Chai, Masala Thandi Chai

Winning For

Introducing dishes that work the best with great tea and the rains {some #monsoonmagic here}

‘Tea’tilate Your Taste Buds

160716_chaayos3Tea lovers who already frequent Chaayos for their amazing tea and snacks can now get more from the menu through their newly introduced selection of what they’re calling ‘feasts’.

We tried the Loaded Chicken Cheese Max, the Loaded Veg Cheese Max {this has a special ingredient that gives it amazing texture,} and the bun omelette, and we ended up liking all of them.

The pakora basket is a great new addition, too, with a mix of pakoras such as chilli, paneer, arancini and more, and when had with the God’s Chai or Pahadi Chai, tastes even better.

The thandi chai and desi chai are two other great options to choose from, and believe us, nothing disappoints. 

So, We’re Thinking…

Chaayos is always great for just sipping on some hot tea and having a great conversation after a long day at work, and these new offerings just make the experience better.

Photos: Anand Mohapatra/LBB