Dance Cafe: For Those Who Were Born To Perform

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Celebrating various forms of dance, like contemporary, salsa, jazz, Bollywood, classical and Latin American, Dance Cafe is perfect for those who want to give their poorly coordinated dance moves a complete makeover.

Dancing Queens

Since opening its doors in 2008 {and training close to 2,000 students}, Dance Cafe has successfully combined elements of dance, fitness, and music to make for an enthralling experience.

This is perfect for anyone who loves to perform, be it dance, theatre or music. They hold regular corporate workshops, dance choreography {social and corporate}, personalised wedding choreography, flash mobs, music classes, fitness sessions and summer camps; there is something here for all those who want to indulge their artistic side.

Jazz Hands

Dance Cafe has 15 professionally trained and experienced teachers, which means that you’re in really safe hands. They are also the official entertainment partner for Kingdom of Dreams, which just adds to their credibility, we think.

In case dance is something that does not excite you, you can take up some music classes instead {for instruments like guitar, violin, drums and keyboards} or fitness sessions {including Zumba, aerobics or yoga}, which are also held at regular intervals.

This story is in partnership with Dance Cafe.