More Than Paranthas: Here Are 5 Classic Dishes You Need To Try When In Chandni Chowk

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While we love Paranthewali Gali in Chandni Chowk, it’s about time that we start exploring other options in the area too {especially because Chandni Chowk has quite a few hidden gems}. Here are some of the other eateries in the area that you should definitely hit up when not in the mood for parathas.

Bedmi Puri at Shyam Sweets

Located at Barshahbulla Chowk near Chawri Bazaar Metro Station, Shyam Sweets was established in 1920 by Babu Ramji and is currently run by the fourth generation. They probably serve the best bedmi puri in town, which is quite a popular breakfast option it seems because it’s all finished by noon! Deep-fried and crisp, Bedmi Puri is made from wheat flour and urad dal. It is served with aloo ki sabzi and carrot pickles. On Sundays, they also serve kaddoo sabzi.

Dahi Bhalla at Natraj Dahi Bhalle Waala

Soft bhallas with assorted chutneys and masala that adds the perfect kick is what all our chaat dreams are made of. The Dahi Bhalla here is not super water-y and all the chutneys are also thick and flavourful, which why this place has become a landmark of sorts. For when you’re done with your quota of Dahi Bhallas, be sure to try their Aloo Tikki too. It’s doused generously in a tangy green chutney, a little bit of saunth and tastes so good.

Kebabs at Qureshi's Kebabs

Situated in Chandni Chowk near Jama Masjid {opposite Meena Bazaar}, Qureshi whips up some mouth-watering kebabs. This joint is a haven for meat-lovers and is pretty light on the pocket too, so those end-of-the-month hunger pangs are taken care of. You’ve got to try their buff kebabs {with raita and chutney} for a gastronomical treat. The shop only opens after 5.30pm, so time your visit accordingly.

Fruity Kulfis at Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfiwale

Most kulfis have a creamy texture {which is fine with us}, but when you bite into a kulfi at Kuremal, it really feels like you’re eating frozen fruit. The texture and taste there is amazing, and sans any artificial flavour. Kulfis here come in three varieties — rabri kulfi cream, stuffed kulfi & kulfi julpeps. While people love the rabri variety, our favourites are the stuffed jamun kulfi and the Mango one as well.

Samosas & Jalebis at Old Famous Jalebiwala

We all know samosas and jalebis are a classic duo and Old Famous Jalebiwala offers some of the best in town. Start your meal here with a regular Matar Samosa, but be sure to save some space for their sinful jalebis. We love that jalebis are served here with a dollop of homemade rabri and you’re probably going to end up over-eating. Oh, you’ve also got to try their refreshing lassi.


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