Oolong To Lemon Grass: Enjoy These Divine Teas Straight From The Estates Of Assam

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What Makes It Awesome

We've been yearning for some freshly produced teas for far (t)oolong now. Not the regular ones that we get at a local tapri but the more exquisite black and green teas which are infused with herbs. And what's better than getting them straight from the tea gardens in Assam? Chang's Organic Tea is an Assamese brand that manufactures different kinds of organic teas - Green Tea, Orthodox Black Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea and lots more. 

Having spent two years in Darjeeling (one of the largest producers of tea along with Assam) myself, I've learnt that the process of tea brewing and tasting is an art in itself. Premium teas are classified by Flush - the time of the year when the first set of leaves are plucked. After which they undergo an elaborate process of steaming, hand-rolling, fermentation and drying. Chang's Organic Tea plantation has successfully preserved this traditional art of tea cultivation and these folks also incorporate natural ways of pest control. You can get seven kinds of teas from their website currently, each offering its own sets of health benefits. Green, Lemon Grass, Oolong, Orthodox, Rosemary, Tulsi and a very intriguing Blue Tea as well.

Caffeine intolerant like me? Apart from being mesmerized by the colour, you can try their Blue Tea out because it's packed with anti-oxidants and has no caffeine. The Rosemary Tea helps ease anxiety and works great for immunity. If you're looking for something stronger try their Orthodox Black Tea which is adequately malty flavoured. Chang's Tulsi Tea is for those who prefer a spicy and rich palette. Our favourite would be the Oolong variant which is a perfect breakfast tea known for its sweet and woody flavour. 

Price: INR 250 (100g) onwards 


Orders can be placed right by hitting the "Enquire Now" and they ship across India. So, get your cups ready and order away. 


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