Ten-Second Takeaway

From traditional British dishes to a variety of different cuisines and desi fusions, Londoners offers quite a few interesting eating options, but doesn’t really succeed in offering the British feel they aim for.

Chow Down

The Ploughman’s Platter, Butter Chicken Pie

Sip On

King’s Road, The Strand

Winning For

Londoner’s offers some authentic British classics and a unique list of signature cocktails, and we feel like that is their only win.

London, Yet Not So London

Spread across three floors, the bar set-up, colours used and the overall set-up is very London-y, and the little double-decker buses, cars and red phone booths add to the appeal. But pasting the Union Jack everywhere doesn’t really help. Why, you ask? Because the music varies across genres, the fragrance of shishas gives you more of an Arabic lounge kind of vibe, and the delay in service takes the experience away too.

Multi-Cultural Mix

Image courtesy: Londoners

Image courtesy: Londoners

Some of the offerings on the menu are great! The Ploughman’s Platter is a 1950s classic, served with boiled eggs, meat, cheese and much more; and it is a must try for all. Of course, there’s fish and chips and Shephard’s pie as well. If desi flavours are what you crave, then opt for the Butter Chicken Pie, which fuses classic British pies with Punjabi flavours.

The Clay Pot Meals and the other oriental appetisers aren’t as great, but are well suited for Chinjabi lovers. The drink mixes and shishas are very well made; King’s road and The Strand were our favourites from the Signature Cocktails section and we’d recommend them for people who love gin and Bailey’s in their drinks. The boozy shakes can be tried too, as they combine sweet flavours with potent liquor {Oh! that high}.

So, We’re Thinking…

While Londoner’s is a concept that suffered while adapting to the Delhi restaurant market, the food is interesting and delicious, and drinks are a must-try. But, we hope they do something about the seating, as the couches get pretty uncomfortable after a while.

Where: M25, First & Second Floor with terrace, GK 1

Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony

Contact: 011 49068222

Price: INR 1,500 for two {approx.}

Timings: 11pm – 1am

Find them on Facebook here.