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    Chase The Northern Lights Or Visit Santa's Home: We've Found A Magical Land For Your Next Holiday!

    Shilpi posted on 15 November

    Wanderlust has taken over you this winter? From lights to food to good mood - the experience of festivities amidst snowy winters is pretty unique. For all those who would love to be a part of something magical, plan your next trip to Lapland, the land of mystical winter wonders. Here’s a list of things you cannot miss when in Lapland.

    Gazing Up At The Northern Lights

    Nature’s most spectacular light show - the Aurora Borealis (commonly known as the Northern Lights) has gotta be a good enough reason for this place to be on your bucket list. All you need are clear skies, a little bit of luck & a comfortable spot for some unforgettable views. Click here to know more.

    Reindeer Rides

    Ever wondered how would it be to hitch a ride with Santas Claus? This is your chance to get close to these fabled animals & get them Christmas feels. Plus, the best thing about this is that reindeer rides are not just a thing for tourists but also a traditional way for people to get around. Riding on a sleigh through the magical forests is an experience right out of a fairytale & one which should not be missed. Know all about it here.

    Dog Safari

    Along with her 40 Huskies (& a few horses), Tinja Myllykangas runs a sled dog safari business!. This is a truly exhilarating experience, especially when you have the chance to be a musher in control of your own team of dogs. If you weren’t excited enough, then the enthusiasm of the dogs will engulf you as they eagerly take you on a wonderful ride through the breathtaking scenery. Intrigued? Read all about it right here.

    Daredevil Winter Sports

    This region is more than just a celestial light show. For all you sporty daredevils out there, the frozen waters & deep snow makes the terrain perfect for a little bit of adventure for the bold. Whether it’s the hilly regions or the vast, flat expanses, this place has natural provisions making it ideal spot for alpine skiing enthusiasts or, if you prefer a bit more engine, snowmobilers. There are also numerous areas where you can pull up your snow kite and catch some strong gales. If you’re interested, then get the entire deets right here.

    Rovaniemi - A Culture Hub

    The capital of Finnish Lapland - Rovaniemi - is the home to some of the finest amalgamation music, art & culture in various forms. If you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, then this city has a number of noteworthy cultural treasures which are unmissable. From museums like The Rovaniemi Art Museum, Arktikum Science Museum (which can be reached through a glass tunnel) & even Lapland Chamber Orchestra for the music lovers to resorts like Ounasvaara for all your sporty & lodging needs, this place will give you an all rounded experience. They even have a Santa Claus Village! Wanted to meet Santa? This is it.

    So, We Are Saying…

    This just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re up for a cold winter & due for a much-needed break, then these reasons should be good enough to convince you to plan your next trip to Finnish Lapland. There are so many more ways to make your winter trip to this scenic country worth every penny. Just log on to the Finland Tourism website & make it happen.

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