Movie Tickets Too Expensive After GST? These 5 Places In Gurgaon Might Still Be In Your Budget

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As GST hits, don’t let movie prices going up bring you down. Here are some places you can go to, In Gurgaon, for your dose of Bollywood, thrill and fiction, without splurging on movie tickets.

PS: The prices written below do not include the internet handling fees by Book My Show unless explicitly stated.

SRS Cinema

SRS Cinema at Omaxe Mall on Sohna Road is pretty cheap if your main motive is to just watch a movie. Costing INR 400 for 2 people to watch a 3D movie on a weekend, its a steal. The mall and theatre are also not very crowded generally.

Grand Cinema

Grand Cinema at Raheja Mall is known for its really cheap tickets. This is a good place if your aim is to solely go for the movie while not clubbing it with meals or shopping plans. A 3-D movie for 2 people costs INR 500 {INR 575 inclusive of internet handling fees}. The price of tickets at this mall is said to fall as low as INR 100 per ticket, subject to fluctuations.

Cafe Soul Garden

Though currently on a hiatus, waiting for the breezy weather of September, Cafe Soul Garden hosts movie nights every Friday. They are currently hosting open mic nights every weekend for your entertainment and participation, though dates may waver due to the rains. With a casual ambience, good food and drinks, this is a great way to kick back and start your weekend. The curated movies are announced well before time so you can book a table and have a fun date night, under the stars.

PVR Cinema At Sahara Mall

The PVR Cinema in Sahara Mall, on a weekend, offers tickets at INR 550 for two as opposed to its MGF, Gurgaon counterpart which sells the same tickets for INR 800. One of the oldest malls in Gurgaon, it is quiet and sparsely crowded. With a scattering of shops and basic eateries, it fulfills your movie requirements, if not those of shopping and hanging out.

Reboot - Wellness

Selected movies, majorly portraying addiction, followed by a discussion, this option has been added just for how interesting this experience would be. Movie buffs who enjoy something intense, and want other people to dissect and discuss it with, Reboot-Wellness is for you. Attending a screening costs INR 200, and additional INR 500 if you want dinner, both of which need to be booked in advance. Screenings happen every Friday and you can see the scheduled movies with their synopsis on their Facebook page here.


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