This New Healthy Sandwich Shop In GK Will Make You Give Up Your Cheat Day!

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The sandwich shop we all know from Noida, Get Grubs, has just opened an outlet in GK 2 M Block, adding a nice, needed healthy eating option to the market.

Big, Juicy Burgers

Start off your meal with their crunchy jalapeño cheese pops. That + a burger or sub is a combination that is delish. What we liked the most about this place is the fact that they use multi-grain buns and multi-grain loafs, automatically making your burger or sub healthier.

Their foot-longs are made with fresh veggies and low-calorie sauces. We recommend you try their crispy veg patty Grub and their protein-packed meat lover’s Grub. Their burgers are the real deal; fresh, tasty and filling. Try their Gupta burger, a basic (but tasty) potato patty with vegetables and tangy sauce. For carnivores, we recommend you try their Mumtaaz burger, made with chicken tikka and a spicy dressing, and again, topped with vegetables. Pork lovers will relish the Love For Pork burger with oodles of bacon and barbecue jam added on top of tender pork patty. Wrap up your meal with their Nutella chocolate jar; the calories are completely worth it.

So, We're Saying...

The Love For Pork burger and and Nutella Jar are the two things you absolutely mustn’t pass up.