Check Out This Secret Vault Full Of Anime & Manga In Delhi

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The Japan Foundation is where we head for alternative movies and stunning exhibitions. But what we love most is its library, its ambience and the huge collection of books. Here’s a list of reasons why you should be checking it out too!

An Enormous Manga Collection

Manga is a Japanese genre: Seen as a comic book with cartoons, it is so much more. The Japan Foundation library has over 1,500 manga books, in both Japanese and English, with an entire section dedicated solely to it.

Manga lovers look no further; just visit the library, get membership and enjoy your favourite comics in comfy seats and beanbags. The best bit: You can even borrow them and take them home.

An array of Japanese magazines and periodicals are also available at the library and can be borrowed whenever you want.

Check out their collection here.

Easy Access and Membership

Another thing we absolutely love about this library is how easy it is to access. Anyone can visit the library, but a membership is required to use its services. The membership is open for all residents of Delhi and NCR at just INR 300 for a year {WHAT}.

You can even avail a daily membership card {but why would you?}.

Find out more details about the library membership here.

Anime DVDs And Free Computers

Anime lovers rejoice, the library also has a pretty big DVD collection which you can avail whenever you want.

There are funky posters and pictures in the library around this particular section too, which are worth a look. Plus, a member of the library is allowed to use the computer and internet services free for 30 minutes, daily.

Audio Books

The library has a huge collection of books based on Japan, its culture, art, architecture, history and much more, in both Japanese and English, for its students as well for any other person who may either be learning Japanese language or just wants to know more about the country.

Another special feature is the audio books, which are available here for people trying to get a hang of the language.

What Else?

Japan Foundation, other than offering various Japanese language courses and an amazing library, also hosts various events and exhibitions.

The exhibition hall can only be described as extremely beautiful, with its various exhibits flown in from time to time throughout the year.

The auditorium is another thing to look out for. They hold movie screenings pretty often at their theatre, as well as put on performances by Japanese artists and students.

Check out their events list here.


Deepanjali Khera is a 19-year-old student from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies . She is an avid reader, loves food, travel and music. Give her a book and amazing music and she is good to go.