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Chefs on Hire | Introducing Kitchen Platter

Rashi posted on 5th February

By Rashi Wadhera

We've always been told the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. After many feminist uprisings, and some hit and trial of our own {we won't go into details}, we've discovered there's many easier ways, that don't involve slaving in a kitchen, but does require a completely different kind of skill set. And in the name of the aforementioned feminist uprising, we'll have you know, us women enjoy a good meal just as much, and it's a fairly easy route to our hearts also.

Since V day is fast approaching, if you're relying on the food to make the love, allow us to make it easier. You can ditch the recipe books, quick fixes and hand-me-down desserts, and ask the professionals to take care of you instead. Kitchen Platter will send the professionals, since they've started a unique chef at home service in Delhi. The idea is to give you a bespoke culinary experience, focussing on connecting people with top chefs. As for how many people they can cater to, whether you're having a dinner for deux, or having a single we-hate-v-day blowout get together, all you'll have to do is find a chef willing to cook for that number of guests.

Its an easy process, almost as easy as the route to a man's heart. Log on to their website, specify what type of dining experience you're looking for {cuisine}, preferred budgets, number of guests, date and location of your events, and they'll match you with a chef based on your preference. You can also peruse already listed menus, and price points, check out the chef's profiles and make a selection. Alternatively, if you're a chef looking to list your services, all you got to do is sign up, list your specialties and how many guests you can cook for, and wait for a match. Acutely similar to life, if you ask us.

We can promise if you leave the food to someone else, and focus your energy on nailing other types of preparations, the road to his or her heart will be that of an expressway. With no traffic.

For more details, and to book a chef, click here.