Chilli Potato & Chicken Kunchao: This Green Park Place Makes Chinjabi Food Just How We Like It

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Chilli Singh is a Chinjabi restaurant in Green Park. They have a small, seating area and a menu heavy on Indian Chinese, along with a smattering of Thai.

What's On The Menu?

They seem to have all the universal favourites. There’s dim sums, soups, salads, sizzlers, chilli potato and chicken and a new-ish dish called Chicken Kunchao {this is along the lines of chilli chicken, but with chicken slices instead of chunks, and it’s not that generic, spicy orange sauce you get everywhere else}.

There’s a fair amount of fish, prawn and lamb too; but Chilli Singh clearly likes its chicken the most. We’re pretty impressed with their variety of rice and noodles, though and dying to try the  Chilli Singh’s Chilli Chicken Steam Rice.

The Thai menu comprises the usual curries, satay and some soups.

Wok's Up?

If you’re eating solo and don’t want to end up with a heap of leftovers, the Wok Box might be a good idea for you. Choose your main {chicken, lamb, vegetable or shrimp}, your sauce and your choice of noodles and rice.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re looking for a new place to order from without letting go of your Chinjabi taste buds, Chilli Singh is definitely worth a try.


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