Here's Why You Need To Try Chocolat Shokunin's Artisanal Chocolate...

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Chocolat Shokunin

What Makes It Awesome

Chocolat Shokunin is a boutique chocolate shop that makes delicious and interesting chocolates. For instance, their truffles are superb because, a.) they reminded us of Nutella, but grainier (ie: healthier) and b.) they came stacked up in a pretty little jar! You can find interesting variations like peppermint & cacao nibs, dark chocolate truffles, tarts, and Raspberry & Vanilla Chilli Bonbons on their menu. 

They operate via their Instagram, and you can reach out to them by dropping them a DM. This artisanal chocolate brand also showcased at the LBB Desert Bazaar this year, and we loved almost everything they made!

What Could Be Better

We wish they had a website or number that would make ordering their products easier.