This Chole Kulche Stand Represents Urvashi Yadav's Ambitious Food Dream

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Once social media caught wind of Urvashi Yadav’s chole kulche stall in Gurgaon, business took off for the pre-school teacher. For those who might not have read her story, Urvashi quit her day job to set up the bright, red stall after her husband met with an accident and underwent hip surgery.

To ensure that her children’s education was not affected and to share the load, the stall became her way of providing financial security for her family. The first day was hard, but she stood her ground.

Made With Love

We tried her now-famous chole-kulche and here’s what we found; cheap, hygienic and absolutely delicious, Urvashi’s stall caters to Gurgaon’s working professionals missing ghar ka khaana when lunch hour comes around.

The stall is located in Sector 14 market, right opposite Gulaab Sweets. We had to wait in line to get our hands on a plate—made with oodles of butter, just a hint of spiciness and lots of love—but the meal was worth the wait.

She also serves up some delicious paranthas in aloo and sabzi variants.

What's Next For Urvashi?

Born out of crisis, today the stall represents a food dream and the start of something new. Urvashi hopes that one day she’ll have her own three-storey establishment with a langar on the ground floor, yummy street food on the first floor and a multi-cuisine restaurant on the second floor. And we’re rooting for her.

The stall shuts by 4pm, so make sure to get there before the food runs out.


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