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Aditi posted on 05 August

As we marvel and look longingly at the brilliant inventions from the latest Masterchef season, the inner chef in us inches towards the kitchen. We draw our knives and… we look at the pile of work to be done for a single dish, right before settling into last night’s leftovers.

There’s no denying that as a generation, we’ve ended up cooking more often than we’d have imagined. Some part of it may have had to do with living abroad or away from home, and some of it has to do with the new phenomenon of culinary fascination, where we count ‘foodie’ as a rightful, basic personality trait. But sometimes, much like a good love story, we want to act out only the highlight reel, and none of the un glamourous bits. We want the Vietnamese Pho, without the shopping, chopping, washing and peeling.

Enter It gives you not only the recipes you’ll need to put together the perfect meal for two, but also all the ingredients!

Browse from their choice of thirty-three {and counting} recipes, and click to order. Your chosen dish comes with a simple-to-follow recipe, and all the ingredients you need in the exact quantities you need them in, neatly labelled. Which means you don’t have a bottle of fish sauce in your larder left over from last Christmas until the apocalypse, when in reality all you needed was two tablespoons for a home-cooked Penang Curry.

They promise all you need is your own wok, oil, salt & pepper, and the will to cook. This, we’re happy to say, we have plenty of. has found many a kitchen hand that loves cooking as much as they love eating the actual meal, and don’t let planning {or lack of it} get in the way. Without having to stop at three supermarkets to gather all the ingredients, you save time {and parking charges} so you can get home and get down to business.

Priced at INR 299 to INR 499 for main courses, we did wonder if it’s just easier to call your trusty Indian-Chinese takeaway around the corner for a Chili Chicken or Paneer Jalfrezi. But we do know that it isn’t quite the same thing as a fresh home-made meal, put together by someone who’s had a great time making it.

Cookfresh plans to introduce subscription plans for their regular customers. For people who have the intent, but maybe lack the will to execute, this makes sure they get into the kitchen more often. We wondered if the pre-washed, pre-cut ingredients would spoil us, but then again, ever so often – why not?

We’re only too glad to put our money where our mouse is, and cook the meal that’s been on our minds since Julia Child made it sound like a sonnet. Step towards your benches!

Notes in our Little Black Book

Choose a ready recipe for salads, mains and desserts from, and stand by for a box of cleaned and cut ingredients in just-right quantities to be home delivered. Orders placed before 2pm delivered same day, orders after 2pm delivered next day. Delivery to most parts of Delhi and Gurgaon for now; Noida on request. Recipes priced at INR 299 to INR 749

Price: Approximately INR 750 for a full salad meal and a main dish {with rice/noodles/requisite starch} for two.

To place an order or for more information: +91-97115 95208 or click here

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Food Stores
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