All anyone has been talking about in the last 24 hours is Chris Martin, Coldplay’s lead vocalist and his surprise visit to Summer House Cafe. He played a few tunes, took a few selfies and basically left everyone in a tizzy. The ones who were there are smug and the ones who missed it are in mourning

We’re calling it magic, because we don’t know what else this could be and yes, right now every teardrop is a waterfall because we can’t believe we missed it. We’re sure you have many questions, so here’s why he’s actually here- He and Freida Pinto are traveling with The Global Poverty Project. It’s a goodwill trip and they’re both ambassadors. Doesn’t that melt your heart just a little?

Now, you may have missed it but thank God for technology because at least you can see what transpired, thanks to alittleanarkyfilms’s video of the performance.