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    Get Your Cigarette Butts Recycled And Get Paid For It!

    Sunaina posted on 17 January

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Code Enterprises LPP is your answer to ‘What should I do with these cigarette butts?” These guys came up with the brilliant idea of collecting cigarette butts from households, offices and other spaces and recycling them.

    Butt How Does This Work?

    The venture was started by two smokers who got tired of collecting cigarette butts in their ashtrays and wanted a healthy, efficient way to dispose them off. Since cigarettes take the longest to degrade {sometimes longer than 10-12 years} they came up with a very simple but a highly workable solution.

    They provide collection services for cigarette wastes at domestic and industrial spaces. Each space is given a collection bin, also known as the Vbins {V for value}, which are installed and emptied {by someone hired by them} every 15 days. Isn’t that magical? You won’t have to sit and segregate you cigarette waste {if you did that already} or have over flowing ashtrays anymore!

    What Happens Next?

    With the installation comes collection of these rubbish plastic cancer sticks {did you know we’re smoking a polymer called Cellulose Acetate?!}. Here’s something awesome, with every collection of 100gms or above, you get paid INR 60, and every collection of 150 gms you get paid INR 100. Motivation enough to install these super cool bins?

    The waste generated is then recycled {mostly treated with chemicals} and used as stuffing or an alternative to cotton. They are now thinking to further upcycle this recycled waste and create some funky key chains that will be up for sale soon.

    So We’re Saying?

    Since 2017 was your year to quit smoking and that didn’t happen, maybe you can rid that guilt by recycling all your cigarette waste and cleansing the environment. After all, cleanliness starts at your doorstep!

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