Cinnabon & Auntie Anne's for Sweet Treats and Delicious Pretzels

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Head to American bakery specialists, Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s for classic pretzels, cinnamon rolls and unique desserts.

Sweet smells

If desserts are your thing, you will be hard-pressed to walk by Cinnabon, and not be dragged in by the delicious smell in the air. We quickly grabbed one of the seats, spread out in a yawning semi-circle around the Cinnabon counter. The sign ‘World Famous Cinnamon Rolls’ caught our eye as we studied the menu.

Sweet treat

After much contemplation, we decided on the Caramel Pecabon, and the Cinnabon Stix, washed down with an Iced Mocha.

While eating the Caramel Pecabon, be careful with the gooey, dripping caramel sauce. The Pecabon is a classic Cinnabon roll, but with pecans and extra caramel, the definition of baked decadence. If you’re in the mood for something that’s not too sweet, then we recommend the Cinnabon Stix {if you want something sweeter, ask them for their dip}.

Wash it all down with the strong coffee kick of the Iced Mocha, though it is probably something you’d want to have alone, without the sweetness of the Cinnabon rolls.

Savoury snacks

At Auntie Anne’s we tried the the Pepperoni Pretzel {because, pepperoni!} and the Cheese Pretzel Dog. The savoury, crunchy Pepperoni Pretzel is a great treat, and visually appealing. The classic pretzel twist, with delicious slices of pepperoni, this was one of our favourites. The Pretzel Dog had a soft pretzel cover, wrapped around the hot dog, with gooey cheese filling the centre, and it was heavenly.

We even tried their Pretzel Pizza and Pretzel Nuggets. While the nuggets were decent, the pizza was a disappointment and felt like something we would eat in an old school canteen.

Sweet spot

If you’re in the mood to treat yourself to some baked goods, we highly recommend Cinnabon. After a long day of stress, work and the daily grind, there is nothing better than soothing your jangled nerves with something sweet. And very few do baked sweets as good as Cinnabon.



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