For Vintage Automobile Lovers, Shop Classic Chase For Cool Merch

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The Scoop

One girl, over 150 vintage cars and a niche indie brand. Growing up in the shadow of automobile restoration work meticulously done, Rupali Prakash’s love for vintage vehicles led to the conception of Classic Chase.

The brand establishes itself as the lone and high quality producer of vintage automobile ephemera in India. For her, these cars, bikes and bicycles have their own stories to tell — and she is happy to share them with people who appreciated the Norton motorbike from Commando comics, or fell in love with the Jaguar E-Type in Top Gear.

The Style

The Classic Chase line has T-shirts, mugs, scarves, cushion covers and posters. Each features a mean machine from the past; most of the visuals are illustrations done by the young entrepreneur herself. The silk scarves feature a flower pattern, made up of the Jaguar E-type {Enzo Ferrari himself is said to have called this one “‘the most beautiful automobile on earth”}.

The cushion designs vary from bright to sublime; you can pick from the iconic Ford Model T, or the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, which has the distinction of being the first carrier of an internal combustion engine!

You could pick a mug, and revv up your morning’s java with the 1907 Locomobile, the 1937 Norton motorcyle, or the image of a man leaning into a turn on his racing bicycle!

What We Love

The mug with the image of this woman from 1868 racing a velocipede, voluminous skirts, bonnet and all — the spirit of Susan B Anthony flies free! Get set for a day of multitasking with this mug featuring a man riding a bike, while reading the newspaper, and drinking his morning cuppa. The silk scarves absolutely add a dash of class just by existing in your bag. The flash and dash of Ford Mustang’s muscly logo on a cushion cover.

Wait… your options aren’t exhausted yet. If you want to experience the elegance of one of these vintage cars for a special occasion, you could hire them: Take your pick from a 1947 Studebaker or Lincoln, a snappy looking Austin Healey or Motilal Nehru’s {yep. You read that right} 1928 Lanchester.

Who It’s For

If you have a penchant for vintage stuff, or an eye for beautifully crafted products, this one is going to be right up your street. Motorheads are going to kick into high gear, of course.

Bikers, you have a chance to wear your heart {beating away for a two-wheeler} on your sleeve, quite literally, with the Classic Chase T-shirt series. The scarf will turn any woman into a powerhouse from the roaring 20s. You can’t steer clear of this temptation!

Check out their website here to shop online.

Price: INR 350 upwards


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