We Dare You To Leave This Gorgeous Pottery Studio Empty-Handed

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What Makes It Awesome

Claymen was one of the happiest discoveries I've ever made, simply because I was drawn to it because of the killer music it was playing. I wandered in because of an amazing song (it was a smooth R&B track called Find A Way by Dwele, in case you were wondering); I stayed because of the stunning pottery.

A large, spacious studio-slash-store with stark, white walls, high ceilings, and the quintessentially sexy-bougie vibe that Dhanmill has truly perfected in its short time, Claymen is definitely worth popping into after brunch at Dori or a coffee at QBF.

With fresh clay being spun into cool art in the far corner of the studio as you wander around and check out the glazed, finished products, you'll find lots of lovely little knick-knacks that will instantly add to the displays in your home.

You'll find a plethora of gorgeous bits and pieces in cool hues and beautiful ceramic finishes. Think everything from vases, pots, planters, cutlery holders, cups, bowls, incense holders, chalices, ash trays, bottles, table figurines and lots more.

What Could Be Better

I wish they had a few more stores; Dhanmill is amazing, but it can be out of the way for a lot of people.

What Did it Cost?

INR 500 upwards

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