Ten Second Takeaway

Dedicated to making workstations fun and functional, Nine2Five Accessories has a line of desk accessories that can be customised to match the aesthetics of a brand, or simply with colours that motivate you.

Did someone say ‘organise’?

For every five Rachels out there, there is a Monica back at home, having the time of her life with her very own label maker. If you fall anywhere close to the latter category, you might want to get your hands on some desk organisers from Nine2Five Accessories.

From pen cups, desk organisers {compartmentalised desk trays}, blotters {desk mats for your laptops and papers}, memo pad holders, coasters, and paper clip trays in bright pops of colours, minimal design,and made with leather, they’ve got all that you’d need to help you keep your workspace tidy, functional, and vibrant. We found their paper weights with social media icons to be particularly cute.

What’s in a brand name?

Untitled design-3Their main area of focus is office spaces, for which they take extra special steps to customise these accessories. From taking into account the brand colours, brand name and logo, to even checking out the actual office area to get a vibe of the work environment, they take every step necessary to give you something personalised.

If not the brand, they even take into account the colours that motivate you to work {and those that distract you from it} to give you something that actually works for you!

If you like calming, cool colours like lavender and teal, give them a week, and you should have something to make your workspace a little more fun.

Price: Starting at INR 110 for coasters; INR 2,250 for a desk set of five items

Contact: +91 9811000996, +91 9910018207 or write to aadh@nine2fiveaccessories.com

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